Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reading can be amazing...

... when used properly.

Did get myself set to do this CrossFit routine and stick with it, but upon arrival at the gym this morning I found out that they don't have a 10am class. Doh.

The guy I spoke with, Grant, did say the times, I just neglected to note that the "morning" sessions last from 5/6-10am. Doh doh.

I think today was a snatch day. 30 @ 135/95lbs. Ow.

Doing pretty good on the Paleo-esque part of things as well. Threw out all of the other junk in my fridge. I need a bigger lunchbox! And some recipes. Making a salad every day and throwing cucumbers on it with random meat will get a bit boring.

I've been staying busy enough lately from gym, working out and games at night to really get stressed/depressed or anything else. Did have a fairly annoying bout of loneliness a few weeks ago but thankfully the focus has changed away from that. I figure I need to fix myself before I can commit to another person. Still talking to my ex, fairly often but she's pretty upset with her stomach giving her pains and her anxiety is making her nuts. Still love her to death though so want to make sure she's okay.

Tomorrow = CrossFit BEFORE 10am! Yes!

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