Monday, November 15, 2010

Poor form in the gym... caused by insufficient yelling. At least according to Mark Rippetoe.

Had my first Turkish get-up workout today. I have much deeper respect for folks who I've watched use their spouses/girlfriends as a weight and perform the move.

Turkish Get-up - 3x6's (35lb, 20lb, 20lb)

Press 5RM - 125lb

Rear Squat 3x5 - 125lb (Messed up, did 3 reps on the first two sets instead of 5)

Metcon - 5 inverted pushups and 7 cleans (three rounds) for time.

This metcon was a good challenge and I was happy to have finished with the time I did. My cleans were around 90 lbs or so. We only cleaned the bar to the shoulders and stood before releasing, without going into a full squat.

We seem to be progressing towards doing a full clean and jerk. Today we did the presses which will translate into the jerk part of the full movement. I've never done olympic weightlifting before, but I'm impressed with the attention of the trainers. It was just two of us this morning at the 9am class and he was right there the entire time making sure our form was proper.

Bought The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf today. It comes highly recommended and goes into the science behind the ideas of Paleo. I believe it's time I really read into this if I'm going to get serious with it. On a sidenote: I need more recipes.

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